Pre order

Clothing Pre-orders:

We currently use a preorder system on all clothing items to avoid wasting products and materials by releasing limited runs of products in drops, acting against fast fashion as well as helping you secure the staple before it's sold out. Pre-order means you have ordered before the product is ready to be dispatched.


How do Pre-orders work?

  • Choose your items you would like to purchase and check the preorder dispatch date stated on the top of the product page.
  • Once you have read through this information, checkout and confirm your order!
  • When you have pre-ordered you will be emailed once your order has been dispatched. Keep up to date on our ig @oddfriendz for preorder updates.
  • Pre- orders are open from a set date, see the product listing for more details. You can cancel your Pre-order at any point before the Pre-order window ends. Once the Pre-order period ends cancellations are not accepted.
  • Please note Pre-order sales are final