Collection: About Us

Hello fellow Odd human, Welcome to Odd Friendz London ☺︎

Odd Friendz is a London based Streetwear brand inspired by the Kawaii and Gamer Girl lifestyle. We are creators of cute characters, streetwear and merch.

Behind the Odd Friendz


Odd Friendz London was founded by Gamer Girl and Streetwear Designer Sophie Tilney in the middle of lockdown 2020.

Sophie started streaming video games and art in Lockdown and wanted to combine her passions for: cute characters, video games and streetwear. With the aim to create a community and brand for weird girls like her.

The real faces of Odd Friendz are our weird and wonderful characters: Luna the Polar Bear, Fae the Axolotl and Noodle the Sandcat. Each character has their own personality and style but are brought together for their love of video games.


As a brand and community Odd Friendz believes in:

1. Being ‘ODD’ we love embracing our weirdness and you should to

2. Following your dreams and passions - Odd Friendz was built on a dream we want our community to always dream big

3. Cute and ethically produced products - All our products are ethically manufactured and designed to be everlastingly cute

4. Promoting diversity and inclusivity 


Join the Odd Friendz community, weird and cute vibes only!